DOWNLOAD ☝️ ROMS PIKMIN 2 WII WBFS USA EUROPE MULTILINGUAL 1 FREE LINK FOR CONSOLE, PC, ANDROID ⭐️ APK, APPLE, DOLPHIN EMULATOR, MAC OS X. Captain Olimar, the only valuable employee of Hocotate S.L. he landed on a planet where he encountered small indigenous creatures he called Pikmin who came to his rescue. The captain manages to get back to Hocotate, but Hocotate S.L. He has suffered… financial difficulties. The president tells him that they have a very big debt because: “In his first request, Luis, here present, ran into a voracious space rabbit that devoured the entire shipment of pikpik golden carrots.” and he tells him: “the only thing we could sell was his boat, captain, the Dolphin.” Olimar drops a badge that he brought as a souvenir for his son from the planet of the Pikmin. The company’s shipping rate is 100 pokos and the debt remains at 10,000 pokos. The President realizes that there are “treasures” on the Pikmin planet that can be worth a lot of money and sends Luis and Olimar to the planet. SPOILERS: When they pay off the debt, they prepare to return to the planet Hocotate. Olimar looks at the planet, embarrassed to say goodbye to the Pikmin, but notices that Luis is not on the ship.

  • Title: PIKMIN 2
  • Language: English, Español, Fr, De, It……
  • Size: 2.3 Gb
  • Region: Usa/Eur
  • Format: Wbfs
  • Unzip the files.
  • If you use an emulator for PC or Android, just select the game from the emulator.
  • If you use physical console, you need to hack your console with Usb Loader Gx.
  • You need to download the WiiBackupManger program to transfer the game from your pc to the hard drive you use on your wii console.
  • Open the program and select “add” select the game, then “transfer” then “wbfsfile” and then choose the location.
  • The program will create a folder with a code. Example: “Mario Kart Wii [4212]” and inside this folder will be the game “4212.wbfs” do not change the name or the code or your console will not recognize it.
Base Game:

Base Game: English, Español, Fr, De, It……


Password: akamigames.net

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